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  • Prey in Hiding (Hybrid brass demo, Dimension Brass + Regular VSL Brass)

    [url=]Prey in Hiding (Hybrid brass, Dimension Brass + Regular VSL Brass)[/url]

    Comments are welcomed!


    ps not done with MIR

  • Damn - I wish I could write stuff like this! Bravo.

  • Excellent job,  extremely dramatic!  It is music that should be in a great film scene. 

  • Thanks guys!

  • (new mix)

  • Hi Guy,

    As always, its really great!   I had a question...did you achieve the sfz-cresc in the beginning by layering sfz and crescendo articulations, or using velcoity crossfading?



  • Hi Shawn,

    Your guessed correctly, by layering sfz to dyn 2s. There are 3 notes playing and because I wanted a heavy texture there, I had each of the brass instrument play each note, so 4 different players per note.  (voice to "off" position)


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