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  • Bounce to Disk in DP 7

    First of all,

    the fact that you may "select any number of MIDI tracks in DP and do a bounce to disk command and have everything bounced to a single track, even if you've selected tracks associated with external slaves" is just awesome and mind-boggling IMO. Even if you're driving loops on an external machine with tempo changes etc...It works!?! Kudos to the VSL team!

    That's for the flowers now here's the pot ; )

    Bounce to disk operations are very long, between 1 and 2 minutes, even if you select 1 midi track that lasts 4 bars. Actually it takes about the same time as if you choose 16 tracks for 48 bars....I have a very fast machine so the actual bouncing is lightning fast, it's the preparation that seems to take forever wether you choose 1 or 24 tracks...

    I've tried decoupling and it doesn't change anything. Is this a DP/VE PRO specific thing or are Logic users noticeing the same thing?



    DP 7.22

    OSX 10.6.6

    MacPro 12 Core @ 2.66

    6 gigs RAM( Maybe that's a bit low for our usage)

  • FWIW, I'm completely unable to perform any BTD function within DP if a VEPro plugin is powered up.  


    • DP7.24
    • MacPro 8x2.26, 24GB RAM, 10.6.8