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  • Dimension Horns with Epic and Orchestral Horns

     I just did some A/B tests of solo horns vs. Dimension horns in a mix of my symphony which I've been working on (for far too long) and  I am convinced that the Dimension horns MUST be used if you want to split up the 8 horn ensemble into any more than two parts.  The 8 horn ensemble splits perfectly into two orchestral ensembles, but if you need more divisi (which is quite normal with the usual four horns) the timbre of the solo horns (though beautiful and  essential for orchestral solo or smaller ensembles, etc.)  does not match the timbre of the Epic/Orchestral horns without extensive tweaking.  However, the Dimension horns are perfect almost instantly for splitting even the massive 8 horn ensemble.  I had some complicated splits of unison 4, 2 on one part with 2 on other parts, all parts split, etc. and since I was already doubling all parts in order to use the Epic horns (which are essential in this large-scale Romantic symphony) it was further complicated.  I wonder if anyone else is trying this and what they think. 

  • I got my Dimension Brass last night but haven't had too much opportunity to play with it yet.  I loaded some of the Matrix patches like autodivisi and they do sound good.  I will need to sit down with this library in order to master this but I can see the brilliance in it from the get go.  Glad to have it.

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    Here is an excerpt of a section using the combo of Dimension Horns, Orchestral Horns and the 8 player Epic Horns - I am still working on the final mix but this seems close in matching the divisi combination...

  • Excellent William. Really enjoyed that excerpt - everything about it.

  • I agree, this is shaping up really meaningful, and - as the clever VSL designation on the product - dimensional!

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    @dpcon said:

    Excellent William. Really enjoyed that excerpt - everything about it.

    I agree. Wonderful build and chord progressions.  Recalls a bit of Hanson to me more in its feel than anything in its melodic or harmonic content.  Would love to hear the whole thing when its done.

  •  thanks guys!  Hopefully it will be on this site when it is done.  It's about a year of work so far and I need to stop!