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  • VE Pro and DP7.21

    First, I love VE PRO and VI PRO.  They are awesome.  However, I had some issues with DP7.21 and VE Pro (latest build) last weekend where whenever I tried to save my project, it crashed DP.  Even when I wanted to insert a meter change in DP, it would crash.  The only reason I think it's VE Pro is that once I de-coupled it from DP, everything worked all right.  

    Also, should I run VE Pro as a V-rack rather than a regular VI instance?  I have noticed DP behaves better this way with most plug-ins in general.

    One last thing- when I save a file or project, there's no way for VE PRO to automatically load up the framework when I open the file right?  I need to connect to the server?  Just wondering because I'm lazy.  Well, not lazy but time is always a challenge so reducing these types of tasks would help a lot.  does any DAW automatically bring up VE Pro with its settings?


  • Hi David,

    i had these "crash on saves" a few times but i noticed that it generally happened when i was very near maxing out the memory on my machine. 6 gigs.

    As for the V-Rack question, i haven't noticed better or worse stability using the V-Rack or not. One advantage of not doing it with the V-Rack would be that you could have DP remember completely different setups in your VEPRO instances for each of your cue. If you use the V-Rack and change stuff in you VEPrO instances only the changes you did last will be remembered so if you need to go back to a prior cue you won't be able to recall the corresponding setup. But you can create as many V-Racks as you wish in DP, one per Chunk if you wish...

    Maybe i'll start a thread of my own for this but i find that when i bounce my MIDI tracks to audio sometimes the process is very long and sometimes it's really quick and i can't correlate cause and effect...But being able to bounce MIDI tracks to audio and this even from external slaves is pretty incredible if you ask me!!!