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  • How are the "Paperbox" sounds of the XXL Tam-Tam played?

    I'm talking about the Download Instrument. I LOVE those sounds,  very cool, very atmospheric, and I wonder about the playing technique. How they are they actually produced? I never saw a Tam-Tam player using a "Paperbox"... and what is a Paperbox, anyway? A box made of paper? A box for storing paper?

    Also: I cannot seem to find the "Egg Cutter" sounds the page about the Tam-Tam talks about. I am trying to imagine what it would sound like: pressing an egg cutter against a Tam-Tam nd plucking the wires... a little bit like the "Ice Spoon"?

    I love the Tam-Tam. For years, I've had visions of getting one and sampling it myself... with a couple of thousand samples... Paint Brush, Tuning Fork, Rubber Ball.................

  • Hello Feenixx!

    The paperboxes used with the XXL Tam are cardboard boxes which are scratched along the surface of the Tam.
    The egg cutter articulation is only available in the Elements extended DVD collection.

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Dankeschön, Andi!

  • is there any  Rubberball on tam-tam XXL ?