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  • vienna suite and daw controller

    Hello everybody,
    I´m a happy user of Vienna Suite in Cubase Studio 5. Right now I´m considering buing a DAW controller like Steinberg CC 121 or Mackie Control (bit of a financing issue...). Question: Are any of those able to controll f.i. the EQ in Vienna Suite (I don´t use the Cubase stuff anymore)? Has anybody had experience with a DAW Controller in combination with Vienna Suite? I am grateful for any suggestions before buying useless hardware...
    Thanks a lot!

  • Welcome Merapi,

    I just thought I let you know that we don't ignore your question - it is just that personally I stick to the mouse when it comes to the adjustment of plugins in general, and EQs in particular.

    ... maybe fellow users can offer different experiences ...

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • I use the Mackie Universal Control as a transport and to set levels and occasionally actually perform manual mixing tasks with it. As far as precision control of an EQ, particularly Vienna Suites', I draw automation in the project window and/or write automation during playback using a mouse. I don't see any advantage to doing that with external hardware, it seems like there is a little bit of a lag anyway. It's worth it to me to have spent $1k on the device to have a transport that isn't tied to the GUI of Cubase and have some fairly precise faders, but trying external midi controllers for plugins has revealed no advantage to me, and I think we are kind of led by marketing to consider such a device as better than the mouse, tbh.

  • Thank you both for your answer! I got the CC121 in the meantime, so I´m able to answer my question myself (just in case anybody is interested).
    Yes, it does control the Vienna EQ (and all other plugins) via the Quick Controls, but only partly ( four bands, two rows of controls instead of three), so it won´t make much sense indeed...
    But its a great tool for recording at the Midi Keyboard (which is in my case a few steps away from my Computer keyboard), on top of which the controller sits comfortably. I just select the channel with the instrument, switch on the metronome and start playing. So everything`s fine! I wish you a nice day,