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  • mac: why do i have to manually shut down 32bit server...

    ... before i can shut down the mac or put it to sleep? this bugs me almost every night...

    the servers are set to autostart on mac-startup and i would love if they just shut down on shutdown.

    i´m using vepro only on one mac, so if this has to do with networking, could there be a "no network" option for more convenience?

    strange is that only the 32bit-server prevents the system from shut down, the 64 bit server ends as expected.

    is it just me?

  • This is a known bug that is somewhat hard to solve. It's on our todo list for sure though. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • thanks karel. good to hear that it´s on your list. hope you´ll find a solution.

  • Any further news on this?

  • This has been fixed since VE Pro 5.