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  • Mac Network Question

    My Ve Pro (new build) is working pretty well for me. Thanks guys. Brilliant soft. I have my G5 talking to my MBP through a gigabit switch and fixed IPs. I have both machines set to "DHCP with manual address". Is this effectively the same as "Manual"? I'm getting a few clicks and pops here and there and am trying to track it down. Airport is off. 

  • Hi esteso,

    Thanks for the nice feedback!

    Did you experiment with different latency settings already? Any changes in the "buffers" assigned in the VE PRO Server INterface plugin?

    I assume that you didn´t have these clicks and pops with earlier version, is that correct?

    Thanks for more information!



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • I have a mac pro connected to a G5

    and find that I will get pops and clicks when i load up

    but after playing the track a bunch of times the pops seem to go away. (weird)

    Can someone eplain to me what fixed Ip address is? and manually setting it up??

    I know that it is best to have VEP on it's own gig bit switch with no other traffic. But I

    don't understand setting up the Ip address?

  • Hi Paul,

    Thanks for your quick response. No settings have changed from previous build. Host is Logic 9.0.2 on G5. I/O buffer is 256. Ve Pro on MBP is set to 2 threads per instance. Because I'm on the AU standard I'm using 3 instances (too many perhaps) but they are not being used very heavily at all. I suppose I could experiment with 1 thread per instance and see what happens.

    Really what I would like to know is ........ Is "DHCP with manual address" the same as "Manual" in our network preferences? I mean obviously they're somewhat different or we wouldn't have that option. But in terms of what Ve Pro likes to see, does it make a difference? (I may need a Mac Networking guru to step in here)

    I'm just trying to eliminate variables here. My G5 is of course underpowered at this point. But I'm stuck with it for a while.

    Thanks again,

  • ddk,

    Just set up your IP address as "Manual" or "DHCP with manual address" in your system network preference pane. If you're on "Automatic" your router assigns an address for you. It may change depending on various factors. IF it changes VE Pro no longer sees your existing instances as viable connections. So ........ best to not have the address change. That's what "Manual" means. Now you can assign a fixed (doesn't change) address. 

    Take a picture of your existing settings and then go ahead and flip over to ?Manual" and assign the same address that was assigned to "Automatic" Do this on all your computers. Then you should be good.

    Good luck.

  • Thanks for the help I will try that


  • Just to add another users experience. My master is a G5PPC(dual 2.7) and my slave is a 2x3.2 Quad Core Intel.

    My sequencer is PrTools the VEP plug is RTAS. Buffer on plug is always on 2.

    Thee is no way I can use a buffer setting lower than 512.

    I use 512 when playing stuff in but always switch back to 1024 when I'm done recording parts . On 512 there are pops and clicks and my RTAS usage meter threatens to jump off the screen. 1024 is fine.

    I think my system suffers because of the RTAS spec. (which has always been crap)

    If I put my buffer on 256 then I think my G5 would explode and burst into flames:-)

    Just to give you another perspective about buffers on different systems.

  • Hi Michael 

    When I am in the Network setup page the top has a tab marked Location and it is set to Automatic.

    It does not give me the option to say manual. I see that I can change it to Using DHCP with manual adress in

    the Configure tab. Is it supposed to say Automatic in the Location at the top?? If I click on it it gives me the

    option to edit location, what does this mean

    thanks so much for the help


  • Well the location tab is where you specify what to call a new location or edit the settings on an existing one. You probably don't need to do anything there. The option to switch to "manual" is in the configure tab where yours now says "DHCP with manual address"  Just configure to "DHCP with manual address" and set it to a fixed address. (Might as well use the one that has already been assigned to you automatically.)

    Then Bob's your uncle!

  • So I'll ask one more time and then give up. Does anyone know the difference between "DHCP with manual address" and "Manual"? And ....... does VE Pro like one over the other?

    PS This might be something that the VI reps would want to know.

    PPS Why do my paragraph breaks still not show up. I've selected "enhanced" in my profile