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  • VE Pro crashes when trying to insert AU effects


    I reported this a while back... I'm using VE Pro on 3 different Macs, and this problem occurs on all of them, even on the simplest setups (1 VSL instrument loaded).  When I try to insert an AU effect on any instrument channel or output, the VE Pro server instantly crashes.  This is on both 32 and 64-bit server versions.

    Hopefully the wizards in Vienna can give this some serious attention for the next update since this is half of VE Pro's functionality - the whole idea is to get as much processing done in VE Pro as possible!

    Sending a crash log to support...


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    Hi whinecellarstudio,

    From the crash log you sent us I see that you're not using the latest version of VE PRO. Please update, this should solve your problem.

    As always when updating our software, please also update eLicenser Control Center.

    In case the problem persists, are you working with 10.6.4 (just to get the setup right)?



  • Thanks for the reply Stefan.  Yes, I was aware I'm using the prior VE Pro version, but I've learned to be overly cautious about updates when in the middle of projects ;-)  My entire 300+ instrument template now resides in VE Pro and it's become the centerpiece of my entire studio, so I can't afford to take any chances.

    Let me ask you this: if I roll the dice and do the update, is it possible to roll back to the previous version (the one I'm currently using) if I encounter any problems?  If so, I'll give it a shot.  Was this bug specifically addressed in the current version that you know of?

    As for OS version, my main Mac is on 10.6.3 but the two slaves are on 10.6.4 - this bug occurred on all of them regardless.

    Thanks again,

  • You can roll back to a previous version of VE Pro reliably by using the included uninstaller application before installing the older version.

    There is a known problem on Snow Leopard when loading Apple AU's (AUBandpass, AUDelay, ...). This hasn't been fixed yet unfortunately. Other AU effect should pose no problems however.

  • Thanks for the info Karel - knowing that, I may try the upgrade.  However, the specific problem I'm having is with those very Apple AU's since those are the only 64-bit plugins I have at the moment!  I was trying to insert the Apple parametric EQ and of course it crashes VE Pro - so it looks like the update might not help in this case.

    Anxiously awaiting 64-bit versions of my favorite plugins - don't know why it's taking developers so long :-(