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  • G5 as slave computer


    I'm working with MackBook Pro Duo 3.06 GHz, 8GB Ram, Snow Leoprad, Logic 9.1 and VIPro. Everything is fine. Since I've started working with Intel Mac I've my G5 Quad, 4 GB Ram, standing standing there with nothing to do, so I thought to use it as a "slave computer". I'm not a tecnician so I really don't know if it possible (possible conflict between old Mac a new Intel; between Tiger and Snow Leopard, and who knows what else...?).

    What kind of advantages would I have? And what should I do to start working with 64 bit?

    Thanks a lot for the attention


  • Hi Roberto, I am about to do the same thing,I now use a Mac Pro 8core and I have an old G5 sitting around gathering dust. ================================================================================================================================= Are you using Ve Pro aswell as Vi Pro? You need to uninstall Tiger and install Leopard on your G5 then you could run Ve Pro 32bit version and some of your 32bit sample libraries like PLAY on your G5. After installing Leopard, you need to install VE Pro on your G5,..If you want to run VE PRo on both systems at the same time you also need a second Steinberg/Vienna key for your G5 and use your second Ve Pro license(you get 3 licenses with each purchase of VE Pro) I know some programmes are not officially supported but apparently they run very well on ppc Macs. ================================================================================================================================= re starting to use 64bit: on your Mac book use VE Pro 64 bit server for all your 64bit libraries and 32 bit,you can use both 64 and 32bit on your Mac book at the same time,it works brilliantly! ================================================================================================================================ The advantages are obvious, now have 2 Macs sharing the load!More CPU more RAM! ================================================================================================================================ My tip: Im also not a technician so I get a local Pro Audio company to install and test everything,if you buy the software and bring your G5 to them they will set it all up for you for a small fee,its well worth it and you also have good support if anything goes wrong. Dean

  • Hi Dean

    thanks a lot for your suggestions. It seems very interesting. I'll defenetly talk with my tecnician to see what we can do.

    good work to you, and thanks again


  • Hi Roberto,

    just installed VEPRO on my old G5 2X2.5 w/6gigs RAM.

    I use it as a slave with my new MacPro. It works great. I use it mainly for Drums(Toontrack EZDrummer) and loops Kontakt-(libraries like Evolve and Sample Logic) and Stylus RMX. 

    It's flawless. Even the tempo from the host is transmitted to the slave, really useful when working with loop-based material or sounds that use delays that need to stay in synch with your song's tempo.

    You will need to install Leopard 10.5.8 on your G5 though. No worries, i just installed it over Tiger without a glitch and i had 6 years worth of stuff on my G5, plenty could have gone wrong i tought, but gladly i was wrong ; )

    Maybe i'm pushing my luck but up till now i'm plugged through a 10/100 ethernet switch and it works great. VSL says to use a gigabit ethernet connection wich i will surely do. But it just gives you an idea of how solid VEPRO is. A fabulous piece of engineering!

    Kudos VSL.


  • Very encouraging Claude

    Just one more question. I'm working with the big 30" cinema display. I used to work with two screens but now I can set all Logic and VI Pro windows on one screen. What about working with VEPRO? On the Demo Video  seems to be a veeeeery big window. Will I need another screen just for it? 

    ...Money makes the world go round, was singing the dear Marilyn

    Thanks a lot and good good work to you


  • Hallo

    One more question about "G5 slavery" (!)

    What happens if and when I go somewhere with only my MacBook without carryng on my shoulders the G5 too. Is it enough to detach some cables and to re-attache them when I'm back home, or is it a devilish thing for nuclear engineers?

    Thanks for the help