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  • MIR and VI Pro


    I have just glanced over the VI Pro video tutorials. It looks really interesting, some of the new features seem to be really cool. But just from watching those videos some of the new features and the MIR concept seem to differ, for example loading two different instruments (e.g. Flute 1 and 2) into one matrix, within a MIR setup that might sound rather strange, as I would have different sound profiles for each instrument, also the panning and sound manipulation feature is in this context confusing to me... I guess it all boils down to one question: Does it make sense to use VI pro within the MIR (or is it possible/will it be possible at all) and if yes, can you make use of those new features in a way that makes sense (for the "humanize section" of cause it does seem to make sense instantly :-) )

    Thanks for your help,


  •  Thanks Patrik, it's exactly what I would like to know ! :)

  • Well, I think it's obvious that part of the features do already make sense within mir (humanize, tuning, etc.), but everything dealing with stacking and panning doesn't so far. At this point VIPro only opens as third party instrument in Mir (I hope that will be fixed really soon!). In the future all stacking features within VIPro will only make sense, when you may position the outputs of each instance separately on stage. Does VSL plan on doing such a thing? I would like to know that, for sure! It would be a shame, when all those great features that enable you to play and control a whole section (and more) wouldn't make so much sense in the Mir ... hope this will not have to wait until Mir Pro, which seems to be a least a year away from being published.

  • Did anyone managed to run VI pro inside MIR. I have just purchased VI pro and for some reason, I couldn't run it inside MIR. I use VE pro for 3rd party plugins only, since I run all vienna instruments on another machine through MIR. I totally agree, that the new multi instrument voicing might not make perfect sense when it come to the MIR structure right now, but at least for now I would love to benefit from all the other features that VI pro has to offer. I just want to be able to add a new instrument inside MIR, and VI pro will run instead. Any ideas guys?

    BTW, a very BIG well done to VSL team for VI pro. I am totally flattered.

  • No, I also tried rescanning the VSTi folder ... would be nice indeed!

    And yes: many thanx for this new SW to VSL! [Y]