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  • In PLAY there are 9 outputs.(1-2/3-4 etc) can I route these each back in to Cubase individually...

    DG was great in explaining that each instance of PLAY, in one instance of VE Pro can be routed to an individual audio track in Cubase. But to even have more control over where sounds go I would like to use the output changer in each PLAY instance to route specific instruments to specific places. Any thoughts, experiences.

  • I'm afraid that I don't know much about PLAY, as I am in the process of deleting it from my system....! However, if PLAY has multiple outputs, you can route these within VE Pro to an audio input, which can then be routed to your usual VSTi Outputs (Net1/Net2 etc).


  • Yes,you can assign indiviual audio outs in Play GUI and assign them to audio inputs in your Sequencer.