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  • Please explain "fast repetitions" to me

    I've been looking over the various VSL offerings the past days. 
    What I see mentioned a lot are "fast repetitions" articulations. 

    Considering they're all at set tempos, 170-200 BPM or so, I'm wondering what people use these for? Or do they lock to host tempo? 
    What are these valuable for? 

    Thank you! 

  • You use them when you want to play fast repeated notes. [;)]

    They don't lock to tempo, so you have to pick the correct patch that sounds good with your track. I would suggest trying them out to see whether or not they are useful to you. I find the,m particularly useful with strings, where it is quite common to have fast repeated notes.


  • In the new sampler (Vienna Instruments Pro, due out any time now) we'll apparently be able to time stretch these patches!! [^]