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  • VE Pro, please point me in the right direction!

    My god what a mess!

    OK, continuing on my previous posts about VE Pro.

    Could someone PLEASE tell me what to do? I've used decouple on a Logic project and the VE Pro server STILL opens all kinds of blank instances, despite my server being full of my template instances. Is there a way to get this to work properly?? It's taken me two days already and I can't get my head around it.

    What I want: load my metaframe.

    Open my exsisting Logic project.




  • Thats the way it works with viframes,if you have the Ve Pro instances 'decoupled' the blank instances open but they dont load automatically when you open your project,also you MUST save each instance or viframe manually before closing your project or changes to your templates will be lost. (For 'Viframes'launch server(s)open your host session/project,this automatically opens the blank Ve Pro instance(s)you then click 'File'(menu bar) and click 'open project' to load the viframe for each instance.) =================================================================================================================================== RE METAFRAMES:Maybe the Metaframe opens the blank instances but does'nt load them automatically when they are decoupled. Have you tried 'Un-decoupling' the instances just before closing your project? then reopen the server(s)and open the metaframe,this should open and LOAD all instances on that server automaticlly. (I dont use metaframes yet or Logic so Im guessing here)