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  • I've tried to reproduce this without success unfortunately. Possibly a specific problem with the Spectrasonics plugins somehow?

  • Hi Karel, could be,this only happens when I delete a patch in Omnisphere and Stylus and get a 'caution' prompt from VE Pro,then VE Pro says to check if Key is installed correctly,..cant find license. Is there anyway to clear a patch in Omnisphere/Stylus without getting the Ve Pro 'Caution'promt? thanks, Dean.

  • Yes, this happens here as well with Omnisphere and Stylus RMX.

  • Hey Ashermusic, thats interesting,I must post this over at Spectrasonics aswell see if its a bug that can be sorted. Dean.

  • Possibly the Spectrasonics plugins interfere with the vsldaemon in some strange way. I see no other valid reason for such behavior. You'll be glad to know that the next update of VE Pro will not rely on the vsldaemon any longer, so hopefully that will avoid the Spectrasonics bug.

  • Hi Karel' thats great news,when is the update being released? Dean.

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    @darkmatter said:

    Hi Karel' thats great news,when is the update being released? Dean.

    When it's ready. [;)]


  • vsldaemon, what the heck did that thing actually do anyway? :) WIll there be any additional benefits to this?

  • The additional benefit will be faster startup times and increased reliability in terms of eLicenser communication.

  • Sounds great! You guys are really on your gig.