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  • VE Pro - How can I adjust the latency

    Using VE Pro slaved to Cubase 5 and I sense a latency when playing. How can I adjust the latency? Do you adjust it on the master or slave computer? Thanks.

  • You can adjust the latency on the master using the "LATENCY" setting on the VE Pro Server Interface plugin. Note that any latency from the plugin is dynamically compensated in Cubase, so other tracks will never run out of sync.

  • Thanks. I see that the latency can be adjusted from 2 buffer to none. If I select none, would there be any adverse effect?

  • The CPU usage of the VE Pro Server Interface plugin in your master host will be a lot higher with no latency. It's recommended to use 1 or 2 buffers of latency.

  • Hi,

    just to avoid misunderstandings: 0 latency will only help if you are playing LIVE, as all notes that are played back from your arrangement are automatically latency-compensated. So one way to go is to switch the network latency to 0 buffers when you are recording in VE PRO (of course only in the VE PRO instance you are recording) and the switch it back to 2 buffers when the recording is done.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL