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  • omnisphere 64 bit not reloading when project is reopened - VE server 64 bit

    Hello, Omnisphere v1.3.2c loads fine into VE pro initially but then when I reopen the project it says "unable to load plugin". Any ideas? Thanks Windows 7 - 64 bit VE server 64 bit latest build (6150 i think) Mac OSX leopard running Logic 9

  • bump it seems this problem isn't only with omnisphere...happening with kontakt and occasionally G-Player....seems to happen more often when instruments that are higher in memory are loaded. What are the reasons that VE Pro would display "Error, could not load plugin" when opening a session through the server? does it have anything to do with what folder the plugin lives in? again the plug is totally compatible, loads fine manually, any thoughts greatly appreciated. seems to be the only hang up so far with this setup. thanks

  • Yes, it happens to me also with Omnisphere and Kontakt. I update DP to 7.2 and VEPro to the latest so I don't know Who is responsible. I'm gonna try reverting VEPRO but because it does it sometimes it gonna take a while to really know.