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  • Big problem with Kontakt in VEpro

    i have been helping a colleague setup his template using VEpro. He has quite a few vienna instruments he wants to use and we worked out that the standalone version is the best one to use - the server is too unreliable and crashes if logic crashes. also, it makes for poor backwards compaitblity with previous templates. 64bit logic is not an option - except for opening old songs pre-9. 

    so we have set everything using the loopback method but we are getting this strange intermittent 6 second delay from the midi side with kontakt instruments. intermittent in that it does not always occur, but once it starts occuring it will remain until a reboot. it means that kontakt within VEpro is unreliable. 

    he is using: 

    - nahelem 8-core 2.66 
    - 12 Gb RAM (i know he needs more but i don't think that is the issue - it occurs in very small templates) 
    - VEpro 64-bit version 
    - Kontakt 4.1 
    - Motu 828 24 i/o 
    - IAC bus for midi 

    - the problem does not affect any vienna instruments 
    - it is not audio. clicking the kontakt keybaord results in no delay. 
    - the midi is leaving logic correctly - i tested with midi monitor - both in logic and the freeware OSX version outside logic. 
    - the problem only occurs in kontakt on the midi side. 
    - there is no midi loop (checked this). 
    - we initially thought that it might have been because the template was built in 32-bit, because the problem was always present in 64bit standalone. when we rebuilt the template things worked alright for a while, but it is apparently back. this meant having to move kontakt to logic. it works of course, but it's messy having your template loaded in 2 locations. 

    you can download the template from VI-control here i also posted on this:

    the konakt instruments in this template always output the sound 5 to 6 seconds after the key has been pressed with the midi routed via logic.

    has anyone encountered this? it is not likely a problem kontakt side since it works normally in every other configuration (ie not VEpro).