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  • VEP+Win7x64+Sonar..Help!

    Hello, I love the promise of VEP and if I could get it working the way I wanted. I haven't been able to get it working over the network so I ditched the idea (for now) and want to load 90% of my samples for orchestra on my Win 7 64bit machine/DAW. I am using VEP as a VST plugin inside of Sonar 8.53. At first I was happy with the results but after building my template using it has been frustrating. Sonar is starting to have audio drop outs after about a minute of running. I am also having issues with whitenoise with instruments in Play. But Play isn't causing the dropouts. I am trying to run 5 instances of VEP. It looks like this: 1. Strings/EW Choir (kontakt, Play) 2. Brass (kontakt, Play) 3. Winds (kontakt, Play) 4. Perc (kontakt, Play) 5. SFX (Kontakt) Reverb is coming in a Bus through Sonar. I have 12 gigs of RAM and it's only using about 5 gigs. It seems like it would work and then the audio drops out and distorts (digitally) for a few seconds and then it's fine for a bit...repeat. Am I running too many instances on one machine? I have the RAM but is something with the threads causing processor issues? In the settings for VEP I put the number of threads to 2, correct? A post or a link that talks about the best way to run it in detail? i7 930 @ 2.8ghz Motu 424 with 2408 12 gigs of RAM Nvidia Quadro NVS 440 If this works I want to buy this for our whole studio... Thank you for any advice or suggestions. I appreciate it! -T

  • Hey - i'm a Sonar and VE pro user and did experience audio drop from Kontakt; some one posted info on how to optimise your network - i.e disable features that are not required - having done this Kontakt behaves alot better though i occasionally get audio drop out when playing live: I should point i out that i'm using 1-2 instances of Kontakt for my projects: I hope this helps; Mr T;

  • You could try disabling the memory server of Kontakt and running it in a 64bit VE Pro Server.

  • Hey Karel, Thanks for the reply. I am running Kontakt inside of VEP. Do I still need to disable Kontakt's memory server? I haven't played with any settings inside of Kontakt. Elektra...Currently I am not trying to run VEP over the network. I want to, but time is running out and I have tried a bunch of stuff without results. One tech told me to use a crossover cable to get multiple instance running over the network. What about the audio engine settings? What's the best setting for threads when running on the same machine as your DAW? Does the number of audio ports per instance make a difference? Thanks guys!

  • I forgot to add that i turned off Multiprocessor support (VST-Plugin) in Kontakt: When you load the project, open kontakt plugin, select options | Engine | Multiprocessor support = off; You will need to reload the project for the change to take effect; I hope this helps - it certainly worked for me;