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  • VEP, Kontakt & 48kHz (Feature Request)

    Dear VEP developers,

    Please could you add a switch in a future version of the VEP server which allows you to change the default audio engine samplerate to 48kHz.

    I'm sure that the majority of VEP users will be using it with Kontakt, and many of these guys will be working at 48kHz to picture. At the moment I have to load and disconnect a blank VEP AU instance in a blank 48kHz Logic project, fully quit logic, and _then_ load my Metaframe (containing the Kontakt mutlis) and the reload Logic with the first 48kHz cue.

    Although this works reliably, I consider it an ugly cludge, and a simple 44.1/48kHz default samplerate toggle would easily fix this.

    [Note: I choose to run decoupled because when coupled, Logic save times become very slow, and there's a ~5sec pause whenever you remove a channel-strip from the arrangement. So I preload my Metaframe inside the VEP Server on the slave before starting work rather than loading everything up together from a logic project in coupled mode. This means I must kick the VEP engine into 48kHz as described above before manually loading the Metaframe or wait for Kontakt to reload all my samples (or crash) when I load the first cue.] 

    Thanks for your continuing effort to improve this product for all its users!



  • Hi

    Can you set an empty VSL Ensemble stand alone instance to load upon your OSX startup set  to run 48KHZ (you can set this in the menu). Then load the server with your chosen metaframe defaulting to 48KHZ. Maybe no need for loading logic first as long as your sound card clock is set on 48KHZ.

    Having the same sample rate option in VSl server would be handy though.


  • I've actually just discovered via experimentation that VEP remembers the last used audio engine sample-rate even after a system restart; this surprised me as I was under the impression that VEP defaulted to 44.1kHz whenever the software was quit and re-launched. This means that I have been manually kicking VEP into 48kHz a lot of the time when it would have already been in 48kHz!

    None the less, a default sample-rate toggle switch would be nice so that we can be sure of the startup sample-rate without having to add blank instances and switch the audio engine on/off to check the sample-rate before loading MetaFrames.

    Perhaps it should look like this


    Default Audio Engine Samplerate:

    [  ] Last samplerate used (current behaviour)

    [  ] 44.1kHz

    [  ] 48kHz


    And be stored in the VEP server preferences.


  • I hate to dredge up old topics, but I am still finding this sample rate issue troublesome.


    1) add the options as described by Will with the manual default setting selectable, and

    2) In the VE Server instance window next to the "CPU usage:" status, please have the current sample rate also shown as a visual check, ie "44.1KHz"

  • Shouldn't your soundcard dictate the default sample rate?

  • We're talking about persistent VE Pro Server instances. They have nothing to do with audio hardware.