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  • Pops and Clicks in Sonar, Windows 7

    Hi! I am a composer using Sonar 8.5.3 in Windows 7 (PC). I have installed Vienna Ensemble Pro on my DAW and have my sample library computer slaved to it through a gigaport ethernet connection (I bought two keys). Everything seems to be normal (everything is seen, recognized, and accessible), however on playback, pops and clicks appear sporadically. Does anyone know the best optimization settings to resolve this issue? If not, how would you recommend troubleshooting it in my system? Thanks!

    1. Do a DPC check
    2. Disable any wireless network or Internet access or virus checker
    3. Increase buffers (on either or both) machines until you get clean playback.


  • Hey DG... I have the same question... 1. DPC latency is 36 and it says it's good to go. 2. Turned off windows 7 firewall completely and seemed to get better. 3. Fixed....See buffers...0, 1 and 2....Mine is set to 2 All I see in preferences is: Audio Engine settings =4 and Audio ports = 16 per instance Thanks for any suggestions! This looks sweet.

  • Thanks, DG! I'm having the same results, more or less, as Wynnsong...

  • What do you think about this solution...? Would it make sense to have a separate router for my system (kind of like a sub-router from my network router) so that I could control (turn off/on) internet access with that? Also, by default, 32 tracks are open btw. the slave cpu and my daw. Is there a way to reduce this number to open up space? Thanks!