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  • New Xeon 5600 series processors for MIR

    I was curious of the performance advantage using the newer Intel six core 5600 series chips for MIR, compared to the 5500's.

    Would MIR actively use all 12 cores? The pricing for both is not very different from each other.


  •  Hi Rob,

    I have no practical experiences with the 5600 series at all, but according to the specs te performance seems to be quite good. MIR is running lots of threads, so having as many cores as possible makes sense - MIR will use them! :-)

    All the best, Florian

  •  Good question ! I'm almost ready to buy my MIR computer ... I'll follow this

  • Great! Thank you

  • Just curious.  Assuming that you had two motherboards with the same memory bus speeds, same video cards etc.  The only difference was you had 8 cores at 3.00GHZ (2 x 4 core processors) versus another board with 12 cores at say 2.26 to 2.5GHZ.  With the way MIR is designed, which one would MIR find "more powerful" in terms of total instruments on stage etc?



  • There is one extra feature of the new X56* series which is a great improvement - it no longer steps down the memory speed when sharing memory channels, it will keep running 1333Mhz