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  • What is the correct procedure for closing Logic sessions when connecting to VE Slave?

    Hi All,

    I am running Logic 9.1.1 on my Mac Pro and on the SAME machine I'm running Vienna Ensemble Pro OUTSIDE of Logic. All works very well but the problem is that I sometimes have trouble connecting to the VE Pro (via the plugin) slave after closing a logic session. 

    My question is: When I close a Logic session, in which I have connected to the VE using the VE plugin, should I be disconnecting each time? The problem is that in the next logic session, when I open the VE Plugin to connect to the slave, when I click connect the plugin window just comes up blank. 

    I would be most grateful is somebody could tell me if there is a specific protocol for what to do when closing logic session. I did read through the manual but it's all about opening and closing the VE Pro WITHIN logic. I am not running it within but as a slave on the same machine.

    Any suggestions much appreciated!


  • Logic has the annoying behavior of not actually closing a project before you either quit Logic or open a new project. Perhaps this is where your problem lies. Try quitting and restarting Logic to make sure the project is really closed.

  • Hi Karel,

    Thanks very much for your quick response. I'm trying that right now. 

    Best regards,


  • Or easier still, you just have to select New Project once you've closed the one you were working on, and the connections are all released.