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  • MacBook Pro 17'' i7 - eLicencer ERROR

    MacBook Pro 17'' i7 2.66

    eLicencer Control Error.

    Vienna Suite plugins are not loading to the Logic, Live or Sibelius application.

    "Application 'Vienna Suite MCFACT' has caused the following error:

    There is an USB communication problem. Please

    connect the eLicenser to another USB Port."

    Well, I did connect the eLicenser Key to the 3 available USB ports - no change - error.

    Vienna Ensemble Pro works fine.

    Any solution?


    Vienna Suite 1.2 build 1445

    best wishes,


  • Please try to re-install eLCC after a restart of your computer. Then "clean up the eLicenser memory" and "update the eLicenser license database" in eLCC (-> eLCC menu bar -> Support) while the key is connected.

    I hope that helps.



  • Thanks, Logic fine now. In Live 8 the problem persist.

    This kind of error is not new to my experience - happen before.