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  • Kontakt 4.1

    Hello.  Is anyone using Kontakt 4.1 public beta in VE Pro?  On the Kontakt boards someone says they have it working.  Others were reporting a problem with the beta expiration dialogue.  I'm on a Mac Pro, OS 10.6.3.  Thanks!

  • Working great for me. I've had the beta dialogue pop up but was able to work around it. Loading time on K4.1 on a Mac Pro is AMAZING. Fast fast fast. And working great in the 64-bit server. 

  • The beta dialog annoyance has been fixed for the upcoming VE Pro update.

  • In terms of updating our metaframes so our old Kontakt 3.5 / 4.0 multis load into VE Pro 64-bit, what is the best procedure for that? I'm assuming that I can't just load the 32-bit metaframe into the 64-bit server and expect it just to work? Equally if I save each of the 32-bit vframes I won't be able to load them into the 64-bit server? So do I have to go in and save each of the kontakt multis as .nkm files, load up a new instance of Kontakt 4.1 in VE Pro 64-bit, then reprogram all the multi-output routings?

    Many thanks

  • Actually it should work. Try loading the mframe32's in a 64bit Server, or if that doesn't work, try loading seperate viframe32's in 64bit Server instances. If you're not using any other 32bit only AU's in the instances, it should just work.

  • Ok great! Will give that a go.