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  • Note hang

    Dears all

    since version 4.0.5436 i get hang note.

    That's happen if i just stop Logic and start from the beginning. It's random.

    Anyone ?

  • Today was a nightmare for me. 

    No problems in the releases before 4.0.5436.

  • Back to 4780. All good.


  • same problem here!

    don't want to go back. the new deconnect function is too important..

    Logic 9.1 OSX 10.5.8 Mac Pro 8-core

  • Does this only happen with VI's inside VE Pro or with 3rd party instruments as well? Also, did it happen in 4.0.4881?

  • At the moment it happen also with latest Kontakt 4 3.

    I am using just VSL instr. and Kontakt based instr.

    I've no notice about 4881 'cause i found 4780 the most reliable version.

    Version 4881 was affected from the impossibility to modify some scripts in Kontakt.


  • You should not use 4780. It has a subtle but critical bug that can possibly break your projects in the future. That is the reason it was retracted and replaced by 4881 in a matter of days. 

  • Ok, i will, thanks.

    Looking forward for "hang"problem solved.


  • Have the same Problem here. When i press Play, i hear the Note hangs and when i press stop , the sound stops.

    Press Play again and it is coming back. For me the Programm is not usable at the Moment. I can´t get a decent Setup running.

    I Run it now with Bidule and as far as i can see, no hangs, everything runs perfect so it must be a VE Pro Problem.