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  • Why on Earth!

    Can someone tell me why I need to part with my cash to try a demo version of Vienna Pro? I am not sure even if this will work with my play setup and it seems a little somewhat unfair that I have to pay for the privilege of trying a demo. If for some reason I do not buy I am stuck with a key which will be no use. Hardly a Welcome to Vienna is it? M

  • Some products don't even have a demo, so consider yourself lucky. [;)]


  • Hi M,

    just read your post and I mean no offense - but: are you kidding? Many companies let you demo their software when you have a elicenser key or an iLok. It's standard procedure. Also it's not so unlikely to have both an elicenser and an iLok when you bought any piece of software at all.

    See it from this way: once you bought a key, which is around 20 EUR you can also demo Cubase 5 and other stuff.


  • Because in this day and age of piracy, that's the price you pay for owning audio plugs and apps. Think of it like this: you need to buy a computer to run this stuff, you also need to buy hard drives, monitors and keyboards. They are not included in the app either. 

  • OK OK OK, I get the point. Fair enough. M