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  • USB Hub Recommendation?

    Hi -

    Can anyone recommend a USB hub that they use and works well with the Vienna Key, please? 

    I have a D-Link hub (powered by an adapter, not just the bus) which works fine with iLok dongles but not the Vienna eLicenser.

    Many thanks,


  • I should say I'm on Intel Macs, Leopard & Snow Leopard.



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    I'm using Windows 7 here, and have the ViennaKey connected to a Digitus 4-Port USB Hub.

    I have two of those connected to my system, and even two audio interfaces on one of them; I never had any issues, and they come with an (optional) external power supply for stabilization, too.

  • Strange. I use Windows 7 64-bit and I also have D-Link active hub DUB-H7 -  7 ports. All of them are in constant use (mouse, keyboard, 2 sound cards, pendrive, syncrosoft licenser and midi cable) and never had any problems with that.

  • Cool - many thanks Luchs.



  • Hi kamczak - 

    Yes - that's exactly the hub I've tried. Maybe it's the combination of that and the Mac OS - or maybe a bad unit. 

    Thanks anyway,


  • I think it has more to do with OS X.  I for a long time used a USB hub, and then one day (update 10.5.6 i think) boom.  It never worked right ever again.  I have had to directly plug it into my USB port ever since (even after rebuilds etc).


  • Thanks Maestro2be. Nice work Apple, huh.


  • I use a Hamlet eXagerate 7-ports USB hub (with external power).

    It works fine with all peripherals (including iLok), but the Vienna Key + eLicenser becomes sometimes a nightmare...