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  • When running a 64 bit instance of VEP on a Mac Pro...

    When running a 64 bit instance of VEP on a Mac Pro, does the Mac Pro have to be booted in 64 bit mode (i.e. holding the 6 and 4 down while booting)

    in order for VE Pro to take advantage of all the available RAM?

    Not that it matters much to me right now, I'm still running 32 bit instances of Kontakt and only one instance of 64 bit for Vienna Epic Orchestra,

    but it won't be long before more 64 bit apps show up and I would like to know how the Macs are handling this.

  • No, you don't need to do this on Mac OSX 10.6. If you have Snow Leopard, open your Activity Monitor app. You'll see that many of your Apple apps and processes are already running in 64-bit mode. Or just open VE Pro 64-bit server. :) 

  • Great, thanks for that![Y]