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  • Vienna Ensemble PRO into XP vmware on mac osx

    Hi , i'm evaluating vienna ensemble pro, i would like to use it as server in a windows xp sp2 virtualized with vmware fusion, and then use audiounit vsl inside logic in the same machine The problem is when i try to open server in virtualized XP it start searching for licenses and it stay there all day, if i click the windows disappears but server is still open, i can see it in the process view.. Are there any known incompatibilities using the elicenser key over vmware fusion (osx)?? Any workaround ? thanks Edit: ok after a while it says it cannot find any license, i've tried in osx and it works, so it will not work on a virtualized machine because of syncrosoft key ?

  • Any reason why you are trying to VMWARE this?  That is probably the worst decision you can make (I am not trying to be a smart ass).  Virtual Machine connections are no good for this type of thing.  Christian will probably have something to say about this.

    Why not just open VE Pro in OS X?


  • opening it in osx is quite useless for my needs i don't have a reason to use it in osx to be honest, i do not have any gigabyte sample patch to manage, i don't need to use any 64bit plug, why should i add another layer on my workflow? my purpouse is to have the ability to use some windows exclusive plug-in like dblue glitch, splonky etc.. Virtual machines are running great with plug-ins,i'm currently using it with a combination of bidule + wormhole, i just wanted to try if there is a less tricky and less latency method, else i stay with my bidule+wormhole. I fell just a bit upset i had to pay for a key that i will never use just to try out a demo, while bidule + wormhole are both free and they work in my enviroinment. By the way if there is a workaround please let me know..