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  • MIR on Vista Logic on Mac Xenon

    Is there any documentation describing how to use Logic on a Mac and driving MIR with samples on a Vista system? The Vista system should deliver in early March and currently I am using Logic 9.0.1 to access 3 instances of Vienna Ensemble Pro on the same computer. The sequencer has three multi-timbral tracks with 16 sub tracks, strings, horns/percussion and woodwinds. Can you think of the multi-instance VEPRO as analogous to the MIR module? Just match up the midi channels and you are good to go. I am not sure how the audio outs would be handled once they arrive at the sequencer via AISO card, optical cables to presonus light pipe and on via firewire to the mac audio input? Would appreciate some discussion.


    Stephen W. Beatty  

  • Hello Stephen,

    it's actually a straight-forward thing: Just think of Vienna MIR as an external mixing console with built-in VSTi-host. All it needs to receive is MIDI - be it "old-school" via MIDI-cables, or some kind of MIDI-over-IP. And yes, you are right, Vienna Ensemble follows the same basic principle: "Just match up the midi channels and you are good to go."

    Audio derived from MIR is handled by the ASIO-driver of the computer hosting Vienna MIR, so it's again just a straight-forward (preferably digital) connection to route it back into Logic.

    HTH! :-)

    Kind regards,

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Thanks Dietz of the information. Can't wait to hook up this monster machine and makes some music!