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  • Midi stopped working on laptop???

    OK, so ever since I got VEP it has worked in my system just fine... then from one day to the next I have lost the ability to send midi to my mac pro laptop?  When I load up VEP server (32 or 64) bit and then load boot up logic on my G5 and insert VEP everything works fine, I have audio between the two machines but no matter what I do I can't get midi to flow from the G5 to my mac pro???  I also have a 64 bit PC in this set up running another license of VEP Server and It gets midi just fine from the G5.

    What could be wrong?  I have checked and checked again and again the midi channels and everything is in order but the laptop just won't receive midi?

    There is something else that happens ***when I play a note on the keyboard it turns the master volume down on the slave machine (the mac pro)

    I also noticed that  on the G5 the Vienna Ensemble pro plugin insert says the address is but on the Mac pro the address is  Everything but midi is running fine between the two machines but no midi.  Could this address thing be the problem? 

    HELP!  I'm completely out of ideas.  How can everything work between the two machines but the midi? How do I fix it?

    Thanks for any help.  I have uninstalled VEP and reinstalled it and it makes no difference. 

    Totally confused on this one and really NEED my laptop to work.

    Do I have to reload the whole operating system?

  • hello same probleme for me have you find a solution? thx jf

  • No, I have not found a solution... I was hoping Paul or someone from VSL would recognize the problem.  How can everything else work but not the midi???  Especially when it has been working on the same machine for months?

    Cmon guys, how about some help!


  • I really need help with this.