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  • Vienna Ensemble Pro and ProTools 8 (routing)

    Hi to all, I searched the forum but got not useful result for my problem... We have 5 ProTools workstations (on Mac OSX 10.6) in our company from which we would like to route audio out of ProTools over LAN to one Host PC with a OPTIMOD Sound card. After sound processing with this card the audio should be routed back to the workstation it came from directly into ProTools. Is this possible with Vienna Ensemble Pro? Thanks for any help. Cheers Stefan

  • Vepro is meant as master/slave system : send midi from Protools to vepro slave and get audio. It's not about sending audio back and forth. There is a small VST plugin by Justin Frankel called Reastrem that might do what you need. There is no official Mac version yet but the plugin is also part of the Reaper OSX version i.e. there is an OSX VST version. Just download the osx version of reaper at and take out the pligin. You might need a VST/RTAS adapter from fxpansion to use the plugin. According to reports on the web this little plugin works pretts well and might fit your needs. You can insert it multiple times as long as your networks takes it.