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  • VePro: More than 16 Midi Channels from Logic per instance?

    I'm sorry, but I cannot find an answer to that in the forum: How can you access Port 2 and the following from Logic Pro? When I create a multi-timbral software instrument in Logic (as described in the manual), I get 16 midi channels sending on Port 1. When I create another and connect to the same server, a new VEPro instance opens. Is it really not possible to connect to Port 2 ...?

    It works using IP Midi (similar as MoL), when you use VEPro not as a server outside Logic, but this way I don't have any Audio Ports. 

    I read somewhere, that AU Plugins are limited to only 16 Midi Channels, but wasn't sure, if that means only one port is accessible. If that is really true, Apple really makes me angry ones more ...



  • Hello Fritz,

    this has actually been discussed many times, and I´m afraid you won´t like the answer: AU is limited to 1 port (=16 MIDI channels). But you can open multiple Vienna Ensemble Pro instances, of course.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Thanks for your answer, Paul. i actually found those other discussions, but the answers were kind of confusing ... thanks for making that clear for me now. So, I'll have to be mad at apple ones more ... [:@]

    Maybe you should write that in the VEPro manual, since I wasted some time looking how to make it possible. The huge number of available midi ports somehow suggests, that it should be possible to access them ...