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  • [SOLVED] Activation of Vienna Key Demo Mode

    I´m thinking about upgrading the Special Edition with either the Elements DVD or some percussion download instruments like the Lithophon.

    How can we activate the demo mode of instruments not included in the registered special edition ?

    Found nothing in the Synchosoft Center nor in the VI PLayer.

    Just clicking on the Instruments in the left part of VI Player has no effect.

    I thought that the main reason for buying a Vienna Key instead of using e.g. the Steinberg License Key is this demo mode ?

    What´s the trick ?

    Thanks & Greetings


  • Please send an e-mail to support to receive an activation code for a demo license.

    Best reagrds,


  • Thanks, will do that.

    I know it from UAD, where people sometimes contact the support to get an extended demo time or in case the test licenses didn´t work properly for example after updates.

    For VSL I always thought that the Vienna Key would have included soem demo time for all the libraries.

    But it seems dependent on Demo Mode #1 or #2 it is only about the Level 2 instruments either with limited startups or limited time.

    I´ll try, perhaps they give me the chance to test the elements sections, even if it was only for a few days.

    (On the other hand - do we have the samples at all for it ? )



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    Hi kleinholgi,

    just to post the information I sent you via mail here as well:

    Here is a description of the available Demo Modes, and you are right, the ViennaKey contains a Demo Mode #1 License with 180 starts (which, in your case, will probably be used already - you can check in your eLCC).

    Of course you need the sample content also available, if you want to test a product - and as you have "only" licensed the Special Edition, you don´t have that content.

    Apart from the string collections, most instruments are also available as download instruments - a good way to start with your favourite instrument (you mentioned the lithophone) and then upgrade to the DVD Collection (there´s of course an upgrade path).



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • Hi Paul,

    thanks for your mail.

    O.K., so then there´s no way to do a real demo.Without the sample content, even if I had enough starts available, there´s no chance to test, unless one buys the library.

    Regarding upgrade path I think the Elements is more attractive, since it seems, that there is no advantage in upgrading from Download percussions towards the Standard Elements DVD. In the description there´s only mentioned a bonus calculation towards the extended library.

    Thanks & Greetings