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  • Can somebody please explain EXACTLY how to make multiple instances of VE work with Sib?

    So: I've made multiple copies of VE, one called "Woodwinds", "Brass", etc. I have no idea what use they are, because if I start them BEFORE I start SIb, sib will ignore them (i.e., I can't SEE them and CONNECT to them from SIb) and if I just start a "Sound Configuration" from SIb, it starts up a new instance if VE beside them. So assuming I've got a copy of the VE app for each section of the orchestra, a "Project" for each section of the orchestra potentially associated with that App, and a set of Sib configurations that associates each channel in each of the projects with some channel in the associated project, how do I get the 16 channels I've assigned to the woodwinds to talk to the VE instance that has the woodwind project loaded. If I load "multiple instances" of Vienna Ensemble in the Active Devices list in Sib, the last one I switch to just seems to take over the Sib mixer channel assignments of the previous one, so the piccolo part is suddenly assigned the horn to play. It seems no matter what I do, I can not get more than one "MIDI Plugin Port" to appear among the VE instances. Am I doing things in the wrong order? Is there some OS-X MIDI/IAC connection or setting I'm not making? Do I have to create separate sound sets for each VE instance? The video is hopelessly vague beyond just saying"if you need more channels, just start up another renamed instance of VE"--AND THEN DO WHAT TO GET SIB TO TALK TO IT???--and the printed doc pretty much the same. Please: What are the things I have to make? What are the things I have to configure to connect those things, and in what order, including possibly in the OSX Audio/MIDI manager? What is the ORDER in which I have to start things, if that is relevant? Thank you, Dave (Mac Pro 8 core - 14G RAM, SIb, VSL, Logic, etc.)

  • Hello David!

    As far as I could see you opened VE standalone instances before starting Sibelius. You don't need them for use with Sibelius. Just open Sibelius, activate as many VE instances you need and make your settings there.

    Please don't forget to make channel and program settings for all activated VE instances. For settings of all intances you can switch between them on the Manual Sound Sets page under "Device". Don't forget to always save your Playback Configuration after making changes or additions to one of your VE instances.

    Did you read the "Optimizing Sibelius Playback" manual? You can get it at the following location:

    Best regards,

    Vienna Symphonic Library
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