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  • Tools for drawing music staff

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    Does anyone of you know if there are any tools on the market to draw music staffs which are less than 1 cm wide (that is, measured from the top line to the bottom line of a staff)?

    I know of only three tools used for drawing staffs on blank paper:

    -the noligraph, a 5-lined pen,

    They have in common that the width of the staff is not less than 1 cm, and so far I have not found anything for drawing smaller staffs; hence my question.

  • What about creating the staffs in a simple computer application and print them according to your needs? ... just a thought ... :-)

    /Dietz - Vienna Symphonic Library
  • Hi Dietz, thank you for your thoughts, but there's a special reason why I am searching for a tool to draw music staffs.

    The reason why I am searching for such a tool is that I love working with hardcover sketchbooks, journals and notebooks.

    I know that there are some journals and notebooks which are pre-formatted with music staffs (Moleskine, Paperblanks. I use them both), and they serve their purpose very well.

    I also know that Moleskine's music notebook will be getting a slightly larger format were one blank page is alternated with one page with music staffs, and this would be an ideal layout for me.

    However, I love working with large A3 sized hardcover sketchbooks, and so far the only types available are the ones with only blank paper inside.

    Call it eccentric, but for me working with a large hardcover sketchbook like the Moleskine A3 folio sketchbook is something very special and appealing. Since they are not available in the interior layout that I would like best I am searching for a convenient tool which allows me to draw music staffs on blank paper without having to draw line after line with a ruler.

    The only tools available are the ones which draw staffs of approx. 1 cm, and I am unable to find any other tools for drawing smaller sized music staffs anywhere.

  • i create my templates in sibelius and print them out. any engraving software should do the job i guess, possibly also the melt down versions of sibelius and finale...

    just create empty staves and delete clefs, barlines, etc and create the spacing and everything to your likeing...

  • Hi Jann, I'm about to start an orchestral work and I'm evaluating all kind of paper layouts -best for the moment would be A1- and I think I don't want to have the staffs printed out, but instead draw them while advancing with the composition. That would allow me to use the paper more freely. I agree sometimes a 1cm tall staff might be too much. Did you find any tools than the ones you already mentioned? Thank you! Federico

  • A1? That would be poster format, that is really BIG.

    Unfortunately I have not been able to find a tool for drawing staffs less than 1 cm width.

    Good luck with your composition.