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  • Treasure Hunt Adventure(trombone ensemble demo)

    This is a demo for trombone ensemble (VSL downloads) but with full orchestra. To not confuse one brass with another I did not use any other brass except for trombone ensemble.

    So the brass you hear is always tromb ensemble.

    [url=]Treasure Hunt Adventure[/url]

    As always, I enjoy getting feedback from you!



  • Heya Guy,

    As always its really impressive. Make me kinda feel bad after work more than 3 week on my imperial march and having like feedback from friends "its not bad but its easy to see its not really played"

    Are you using a lot of plugins (EQ/comp/ect)? And what are you using for your plugins and reverb?

    I wish i could have the same sound :X nothing more frustrating to can compose good music but can't make it sound good :/

    Ance again congratulation for this wonderfull demo you always showing great the posibility of the VSL products.


  • so in the divisi sections we hear 6 or 9 trombones? - would be nice to hear going from the unison ensemble to divisi single instruments perhaps alto tenor and bass. Some lovely sounds in there - the low lines are particularly sonorous and warm - something I think most trombone sections would struggle to emulate!

    You should have planned these demos as a "Guy Bacos Guide to the Orchestra" so they would work together as a continous concert work.

  • Thanks Gilles and Dave for your comments!

    Dave, you make an excellent point. and what you suggest for sure I'll do it in a future demo, good idea!  But for this demo my mandate was to feature trombone ensemble only, I might of stretched it with the chordal section. But I think it's fair to say, if it's possible to get a nice sound with trombone ensemble alone, the mix of the other ones will be even sweater.

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