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  • Ueberschall Elastik plugs crash VEPro

    Tried the demo of the Ueberschall Elastik plug and it worked fine. So I bought one title from them and just installed it with the latest software version. If I select the "S" which put's the selected preset in Sync with the host then VEPro will crash.

    This is repeatable. It's like the "S" of doom!!!

    Also just mousing around the menus will cause random crashes. But the "S" is the sure path to destruction.

    Think I just blew my money on that plug. Beware.

  • Is this on Mac or Windows (need to know both master and slave, if applicable)? Thanks.

  • On the slave which is a Mac Pro 3.2   8core. VEPro (latest) OSX 10.6.2  6 gig ram

    Master is Mac G5 PPC dual 2.7  OSX 10.5.8  running ProTools HD 8.01cs1

    If you wanted to test the plug there is a free demo download on the Big Fish Audio site. Just do a product search for Ueberschall. 

  • Here is a short video showing the typical crash. Perhaps it helps.  

  • Thanks for the video. Could you send the crash report to VSL Support? That would help tremendously.

  • Done.