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  • [SOLVED] VE Pro & Logic Multiple Outs through Auxes cause crackles and pops.

    Hi everybody, I am trying to set up a multi instrument on a separate PC and routed the audio back into Logic via auxes. I set up input channels on VE Pro and set up everything fine (or so I think). My problem is if I route individual tracks to separate outputs (and their own inputs) then all sorts of crackles and pops start and the occasionally notes get stuck. If I route them all to the same output then everything plays fine. I tried this with Kontakt and Omnisphere and they both do the same thing. I am using build 4686. I tried to make 4881 work but the midi over lan just wouldn't work so I rolled back to 4686 and everything is fine except this multiout problem. Has anyone experienced this?

  • Hi thanoskazakos,

    could you please give us some more details about your network?

    Best regards,


  • Just figured out the problem. I was using the network card that was on my motherboard. Even though it was a gigabit card I realized that it would only connect to 10 or 100. So I went and got another card and now I can connect with a gigabit speed and everything works fine :))))

  • Cool. I am glad to hear that you got it working.