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  • Kontakt 3.5 on a 64bit instance of VEPro?

    I can't get Kontakt 3.5 to show up as an available plugin in the 64bit version of VEPro? Is this not possible? I'm pretty sure it's a 64bit plugin. Also, how should the memory server settings in Kontakt3.5 be set? Is this how you get the full RAM advantage running it in a 32bit VEPro instance? Thanks in advance...

  • Hello dramaticaudio,

    which OS are you working on? Kontakt 3.5 is not a 64 bit application on OS X.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • On Win7 64 K3.5 works pretty good in X64 mode with VEPro unlike K4 that don't.

  • Hi Paul. Thank you for the reply. I'm working on Mac OSX 10.5.7. So if it's not a 64bit application, how would I be able to take advantage of 64bit RAM levels? I know others are doing it.... are they all doing it on a PC?

  • Try enabling the kontakt memory server in their prefs.