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  • recomended router for Vienna Ensemble Pro?

    Was wondering what the best gigabit router for Vienna Ensemble Pro would be as well as PCI card? My current router is old and only supports 100Mbps - so there are cracks in the audio. thanks! :)

  • You don't want a router, you want a switch. Regarding model, I'm sure that a search of this forum will give you some ideas.


  • I would stick with a reputable company like Cisco.  Here is a very nice solution for cheap.  If you need more than 5 ports, they have an 8 port version as well.  (actually they have many more ports than that available but you start getting into way more expensive business class products).

    This product requires no setup.  Simply plug it in and you're ready to go.

    Incase the link doesn't work, the model is Cisco SD2005 (the 8 port is SD 2008).


  • If you’re working with a single slave computer, you can just install an additional (gigabit) network card, and connect it to the other system with just a crossover cable.


    Keep internet, etc on the old network.


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  • Thanks so much everyone!