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  • Demo licensing

    It's not entirely clear to me what the Demo version of Ensemble needs to work.  If I'm a non VSL user and want to try Ensemble Pro out I can't do that without a dongle? 

  • Yes, you need to buy a blank dongle. It used to be called a Syncrosoft dongle, but since Steinberg bought them out the name may have changed.


  • Welcome Ken,

    the information on this page might help:

    -> [URL][/URL]

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  • I got it.  Thanks.  Still is very confusing.  This isn't readily appernt to someone who isn't a VSL user as most demo software these days, even if the actual app uses a dongle, the demo does not.  It does need a "demo key" but not a physical dongle. 

    No issue, I'm not angry just trying to figure out how it works  Probably easier to just put "this demo will not run without a dongle".