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  • [ANSWERED] ableton live and VSL?

    is anyone using this configuration? would you recommend it?

  • Hi fleischdrache,

    I´m using Ableton Live every now and then... but it seems like I´m more attached to the classical "time-line" approach when it comes to symphonic music.

    Of course Vienna Software also works with Ableton Live.



    Paul Kopf Product Manager VSL
  • VSL works very well with ableton Live (I used this configuration on a lot of projects), but I agree with Paul, that for symphonic work a sequencer like cubase or logic would be my tool of choice.

    Also if you have any scoring projects for TV or movie I wouldn´t recomment ableton live, but i know that some composers use this to score whole shows.

    Best Stephan

  • thanks guys! i thought Live had also a normal Cubase timeline? the arrangement view. so that shouldn't be an issue then. thanks