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  • [SOLVED] cant see slave

    Hi I've just started using VE Pro,and I'm having a problem reopening my PT8 sessions  and the VE Pro plugin not being able to see any slaves.

    I'm saving each instance as a Vframe.But when i go back to an earlier saved session when i go to connect there is no slave in the list.I can connect via the IP address of the slave computer ,but that only connects me to the 32bitserver,im also using a 64bit server and if i use the IP it just connects me to the 32bit one.Am i missing something obvious? 

    thanks for any help

    macpro 2x2.8 Ghz quad core intel xeon

    imac 2.66 Ghz intel core i5

  • Are you using static IP?


  • i was using dhcp auto,but i've made manual IP's now.I tend to save my session as,which leaves VEPro sitting there and then i save it as a Vframe.I think in my new session if i reinstate my VEPro plugins and then reconnect, it seems to be ok.Last couple of sessions seem to be working OK for me.I can resurrect the sessions where i cant see the VEPRO slaves,by making a new session and making new instances of the VEPro plugin,and then reimporting session data ,just a lot of setting up inputs etc within PT8.

    thanks for your reply

    Apart from this minor issue (user error mb) im really enjoying using VEPRo .