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  • Buffer size, sample rate, latency etc

    Hello all

    Please could you advise me on these matters. I have never understood the ins and outs of Sample rates, Buffer sizes and Latency...and all these other user definable parameters, and neither do I know how they all work together. I just rely on the default settings and hope the manufacturers know best. Pathetic isn't it?!!

    What I would like is to know the best settings for my set up. If any one wishes to briefly explain it all to me that would be helpful and appreciated, but most of all I would just like to know the best settings and when and where I might like to make changes.

    I am running Logic 8.0.2 and have an M-Audio Fast track Ultra USB interface

    Thanks guys and gals


  • hi jonathan.

    the sampling rate you should use depends on what the endproduct is (Audio-CD 44.1, if it is music for a movie on DVD 48).

    buffer size and latency are related. the higher the buffer size, the higher the latency. if you are playing your VIs live, a low bufferszie is needed. for mixing use the highest possible, because the cpu can calculate more effects... if you hear the sound crackle, you have to tweak the buffersize a little that´s about it in a nutshell.