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  • Choirs - anyone else excited?

    Been waiting since the release of the freebie Soprano's 'gift' a few years back - even though that limited edition wasn't prefect -  it was better than anything out there -  and STILL is.

    Now the new release - even without word building (for now) - will further leapfrog what is currently available.   Couldn't be at a better time as I am beginning a CD project for a Mezzo Soprano.


  • I generally don't get too excited about any new library until there are demos out.

  • I agree Rob,  I'm totally excited to hear it is almost ready.  It is the new must-have sample library right now. if you are doing vocal sounds, you have to have it, period.  I have the other big choir libraries and some of them are very good, but VSL will be the most essential of all with its approach to true natural legato and very wide-ranging articulations/dynamics, as well as the high musical quality they always have. 

  • Agreed William and Mike makes a very fair point.  Perhaps just wishful thinking - but VSL track record, a HUGE need for the 'next generation' choir library - seems like all the tumblers lining up for a VSL 'hit'.  Or at least this customer is hoping and wishing.   :)

    Would someone freaking guess the sample count so they can release it already!!!!!!!

  • Excited? No - I want MIR Pro!!!

    And a little Solo Soprano Boy. Do You know the Title  "in Dreams" from Lord of the Rings I (last song on the CD). Would looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove to hear a Demo of this song made with a Vienna Boy - Singer ... :-D

    For everybody who doesn't know it - here you can listen to the Boy singer (starting after a little Intro):  

  • Anyone when this is likely to be released?

    I remember an email a while back saying it would be out by now...


  •  hey...saw this on another site (Timespace)---via their newsletter.


    • Vowels 'A' (aah) and 'U' (ooh) as staccatoes, sustains and Legato Performances, at 4 dynamic levels
    • Staccato repetitions of the syllables 'ta', 'pa', 'ra', 'sa', and 'tu', 'pu', 'ru', 'su'
    • Sforzatos, crescendos and diminuendos (2,3 and 4 seconds)
    • Legato Performances
    • Legato Glissando Performances
    • Semi-tone and whole-tone Trill Performances
    • Interval Cluster Performances (3 tone clusters)
    • 'Regular', 'expressivo' and 'creepy' versions for many articulations

    Looks kewl...but does that mean they will be releasing the choirs with only Ahhs and Oohs at this point? hm..

  • Yes - I think Herb alluded to this a month ago or so - releasing this 'ahs / ohs' library now with WB to be a future release / update.  The 'syllables' should be helpful at this point and of course WB (done right) will be grand. :)

  •  Ah i, well so the standard edition will only be covering Ahhs at this point?

    Honestly i dont expect to see a wordbuilder version of this for ages...which is fine, votox sounds like jibberish anyways.

    Love the "creepy" versions idea tho...that sounds pretty kewl :)

  • Okay jetzt komme ich dran: OH! MY! GOOOOOOODNESS!

    Guten Morgen Herb,

    glauben Sie mir: Ich wäre Ende 2009 nicht in Ihre Produktwelt eingestiegen, wenn ich mir (als ehemaliger Domspatz) nicht Grooooßes in Belangen des Legato Chors vorgestellt hätte. Ich bin sicher, dass das, was Sie da bringen werden, sich toll anhören wird. Keine Frage ...

    Aaaaaaaaaber: Wenn man nun bedenkt, dass der Choir bereits für Ende 2006 angesagt war und nun 4 Jahre später mit A und U Artikulationen erscheint und ich mal durch das ABC singe, dann lande ich in Sachen fehlende (singbare) Artikulationen bei:

    E, I, J, L, M, N, O, R (deutsch), R (österreichisch/ bayrisch ;-), S, W, Ä, Ö, Ü;

    Und deswegen sagte ich anfangs: OH MY GOODNESS!!! 

    Und jetzt betrachten wir nochmal den Fertigstellungszeitraum bis heute.


    Und wenn man dann noch für jeweils 2 Buchstaben inklusive Extended Versionen 890 EUR rechnet dürfte das ganze (ohne Wordbuilder)...

                                                                                               ...  14.240 EUR kosten. 

    Bitte sagen Sie mir, ob das wirklich so angedacht ist???

    ICH BIN UM JEDEN PIEPSER DANKBAR ... Gott oh Gott ... :-D Sie sehen: Ich trags mit Humor .... [Y][;)]

    Übrigens gerne auch auf Englisch ...

    Gruß Lars

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    @LAJ said:

    Übrigens gerne auch auf Englisch ...

    really geistreich posting[H]

  • Dank' you 4 die Flowers HOG. But I tink that 99 percent will have the same thoughts ... and so I translate the upper post 4 everybody:

    Here it is again in a deeper & expanded version:


    Good morning Herb,

    believe me: I would not have become a VSL customer in the end of 2009 if I (as a former Regensburger Domspatz) had not been convinced that the Vienna Choir will be a big and wonderful release . I am sure that what you will release there will sound fantastically. No question... 

    But: If now one thinks that the Choir was already announced for the end of 2006 and appears now - 4 years later  - with A- and U - articulations and I sing through all the singable letters of the ABC, then I end in the matter of being absent (singable) articulations with the following result:

    absent singable articulations: E, I, J, L, M, N, O, R (in German), R (österreichisch/in Bavarian;-),  R (american), S (soft), W, Ä, Ö, Ü;

    (Of course there are also some exotic letters like f. ex. in the French speech "the nosy words/ näselnde Wörter". A good exmaple for it is the word: Enfant (which means: Kind (deutsch)/ Child (english)" -  I think you know what I want to say ...)

    That's why I said: OH MY GOODNESS!!! 

    Now we look at the completion period till this day over again. So 99 percent of the CHOIR-interested people will ask you (or think by themselfes):


    And if you think of 2 letters in each package including Extended versions and the price of 890 EUR you will end at a final price of: ...

                                                                       ... 14,240 EUR for the whole Vienna Choir. 

    Please, tell us whether this really is your plan!??


    ... By the way, with pleasure you can write in German language ...[:D] [B]

    Greeting Lars