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  • VE PRO Logic automation?


    the following problem appears in Logic 9:

    I have VE Pro server 64 Bit connected to Logic, now I want to draw volume automations for each midi channel in Logic.So I select e.g. track 2 volume and draw the automation curve.What happens now is that Logic does not trigger the volume of VE Pro's track 2, it triggers the master volume ( master bus).

    Any chance to trigger just the selected midi channel?

  • I have seen this talked about, asked etc in about every possible choice of wording.  I myself don't do it so I can't tell you how but I do know if you do a search for "Logic Automation" all of those threads will give you an idea of what you can do.


  • Yet another realm where I see things dimly. But it's possible that all CC#7's are grabbed as overall volume and not sent through, no matter what channel. 

    Try this. Create a fader object. Assign Output: Control. Channel (whichever channel you need). -1- 3 (that is, it sends the first MIDI byte as a 3). The fader's input is not relevant for this exercise. 

    Connect the fader to the VE Pro plug-in channel strip. To verify that your channel is being read within the VE Pro plug-in, move the fader and confirm the little green MIDI activity light on the far left of the instrument within VE Pro.  

    Now right-click on the volume slider of that channel's pane (far lower right of the big blue window with the big eye). It will blink red, waiting to be assigned. Move the fader again. The volume slider should see it and stop blinking.   

    So now a specific instrument within your plug-in will adjust volume to CC#3 of its assigned channel. Why not CC#7? I don't know. The volume slider doesn't accept it as assigned. In fact, it may not accept any of the dedicated CC's, from what I can see. Perhaps this is hard-wired, to avoid confusion.

    Work backwards from here. Figure out some automation class that can drive SOMEthing that can be assigned per channel to the volume sliders. From my poking about, it seems that Fader and Meta classes cannot be assigned to an instrument's volume slider, only a CC not dedicated already. 

  • The simple solution is to use Controller 11 (Expression) rather than CC7 (Volume) as a controller for dynamics. In Logic, automation of CC 11 can be set independently for every channel of a multi-channel instrument whereas CC7 automation of any one channel affects all channels of a multi-channel instrument simultaneously. Why CC7 should have this un-useful characteristic in Logic seems lost in the annals of MIDI history, but it is so.