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  • Vienna Convolution question

    Dietz or Florian,

    If you can just answer this - would be great.

    Well first of all - I am loving Vienna Reverb - its very underated on forums I think - its really giving good results over here!! Wonder what MIR Pro will do to us!!

    The Latency Compensation at the bottom of a reverb instance - what does it really do? Does it have its own buffer setting or does it depend on the sound card buffer setting?

    My core i7 940 is getting a bit stressed with 8 of these reverbs running and some million other EQ etc from VS......

    I just wanted to know if increasing the buffer size will increase my computer performance - regardless of what the buffer size of the sound card is.

    Also - if it does improve - at what cost? Will it introduce some sort of latency or inferior results?




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    @vibrato said:

    Or is there a simpler way of controlling both ER and Tail in the same instance of Vienna Convolution?

    That way - I can cut down on my reverbs.

    First question still applies though.



    Currently - No. There is only one impulse allowed to be loaded at once. You may always mix your own ER/tail impulses externally and load them however...

    It might make sense to implement an internal separation of ER/Tail for a future update, good idea.