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  • Logic 9 multiple VE Pro instances on one Machine and troubleshooting

    Is this possible? I am just experimenting with VE pro on a recent Mac 8 core, OSX 10.5.8, and LP 9.1. I have been able to get one instance up and cabled etc successfully, and have heard about folks using more than one instance on one computer with logic pro. My main issue is number of outputs, 8x Stereo is simply too few. If I try to instantiate a second VE Pro plug in, the plug in pane does not show a second server to which to connect. trying to connect to the established server resulted in some nasty crashes that caused VE Pro to refuse to connect at all, requiring reinstallation of the player. Is the process for doing this creating a new server/address at the VE Pro server level, naming it, and then signing on to that one? Also are there any other ways to get audio out of VE pro than using the plug in? I have previously used multiple stand alone instances of Kontakt with midi cabled by IAC busses and audio routed through Soundflower/Motu interface as an aggregate device. Any help appreciated, and any any insights on the crash welcome as well. Thanks!!

  • Welcome to the forum Skylab. 

    I wish I could be more helpful. I just want you to know that I have had some extraordinarily difficult times with VE Pro behaving exactly as you describe. VSL has my crash logs. Apple has my crash logs. I have crashed easily over seventy times, and the beginning of the end is just what you noted. No "new" option. No recognition of pre-loaded instances. Then the beach ball.  

    Our experience is not the norm. I assure you that you should be able to open numerous instances -- in theory as many as 128. And I further assure you that VSL is a fantastic company with a superior product, and that in my seven years with them, I've never experienced anything like this before. Just the cringing Syncrosoft / eLicenser stuff. 

    I have continued working on Logic 8, but even there, I've observed the same behavior with VE Pro.  

    I can't speak to the audio limits. I'm a stereo, two channel out user, mixing in MIDI. 

    Hang in there. Send VSL your crash logs, if possible. 

  • Thanks for the heads up!! I worked out the multiple instance issue. My process for doing this is to open one instance connect it to logic and the in the server pane add a new instance and go back to logic and then connect to that. Is that correct? While troubleshooting this we had an issue with our USB midi controller gong offline. I tracked it to a bad USB cable and swapped it for a midi interface / cable connection. I am curious whether this could have been causing a ripple effect in coreaudio that contributed to the strange behavior. ok other question here when saving logic pro as "save as" VE Pro reloads, even when preserve is selected. Any othe way to handle this than to disconnect all instances before saving?

  • "Is that correct?"

    If it works, it's correct. Seriously, you shouldn't have to do that. As I typed my first reply to you, I tried to recall how I over-stepped this bug. But I couldn't remember what finally worked because I tried every sequence of steps I could imagine. Eventually, Logic just hooked up and started seeing instances. At that point I could add from Logic or create from the VE server window, and Logic would see the new instances.

    I can't even remember if I ever got Logic 9.1 to behave. But that gave me stuck notes, and I had to cut my losses as other priorities took over.  

    So if the above sequence works for you, stick with it. I have found that once I get a metaframe and a logic song to agree, VE Pro overall is very stable. But the adding, subtracting, and disconnecting of instances has been very troublesome. So be sure to save the functioning metaframe and the Logic file with which it does work. 

    No, I personally don't think that your faulty USB cable entered into the picture, as your DAW and VE Pro are on the same computer. 

    And there is no reason why Logic should need to reload VE Pro after a "Save As," because that command is just an OS method to assign the same file a new name. I can't figure that one out, and it's never happened here. 

    Congrats on your working system.